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AC Panel Seifert

AC Panel Seifert

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SEIFERT MTM SYSTEMS, Rack-integrated Air Conditioner unit, air/ water heat exchanger, air/ air heat exchanger.

We are partnering with the industry leader in Thermal Management systems for indoor and outdoor use. The main product that we focusing are: 

- Indoor Filter less A/ C
- Air/ Water heat exchanger
- Air/ Air heat exchanger
- Outdoor A/ C
- Outdoor Heat Exchanger Solution
- Clean Air Cooling system
- Direct Air Cooling System
- Fan Trays

The Seifert - Mini Air Conditioners

Mini size Maxi cooling for small enclosures

Maximum cooling performance with minimum space loss characterize the new Seifert-Mini-airconditioners. A substantial performance increase of 20% is the basis for fresh & safe cooling. With a depth of only 110mm the Seifert-Minis are currently the smallest units on the market. The compatibility with market standards ensures ease of integration in existing applications.

+ filterless maintenance-free
+ cooling performance 200...500 W ( L35/ L35) 
+ for external, internal & top mounting
+ flat design sheet steel housings
+ customer specific powder coat painting
+ stainless steel models
+ Micro-processor controls
+ R134a refrigerant

Slim-Line Filterless Airconditioners

The new Slim-Line units from Seifert are compatible to market standards & offer additional features: they operate maintenance-free without filter mats. A 20% increase in cooling capacity guarantees fresh & save cooling in all conditions. An internal mounting depth of only 135mm up to 1500 Watt and 225mm up to 2000 Watt saves space in the cabinet. High quality tried & tested components ensure smooth operation & a long working life.

The Seifert-World-Line Air Conditioners

The Seifert recessed mounting units are perfectly suited for modern control cabinet air conditioning. The units operate maintenance-free without filter mats. The internal mounting depth is only 83.5mm ( units up to 1400W) & saves valuable space in the cabinet. High quality tried & tested components guarantee smooth operation & a long working life.

The Seifert Top Mounting Units ( Filterless) 

Should, for example, a row of cabinets need to be cooled then the five Seifert top mounting units offer an excellent solution. These units are also filterless & operate maintenance-free.The cooling performances are between 200 & 3000W.

The Seifert Top Mounting Units ( with Filter) 

Tested components ensure that these filter air conditioners in combination with high quality filters, for smooth operation and long life span, operate under the harshest conditions. These units are built to worldwide standards, guaranteeing safe cooling modern enclosures.

The Seifert Insert Units

Reliable cooling for 19" cabinets

Seifert has three types of insert cooler for 19" cabinets in heights of 2 to 6 HU: filterless air conditioners ( KG) , air/ water ( RK) & air/ air heat exchangers ( LT) . The units draw the ambient air in from either the back or front of the cabinet. The assembly system ensures easy integration in 19" -electronic systems. High quality tried & tested components ensure smooth operation & a long working life.

+ filterless maintenance-free
+ cooling performances 1000/ 2000 W ( L35/ L35) 
+ reliable insert-system
+ air conditioners in 6 HU
+ heat exchangers air/ water in 2/ 4 HU
+ heat exchanger air/ air in 4 HU

The Seifert AC with Inverter Units

Inverter based technology for operational cost saving
Seifert now have new product that is working based on inverter technology with variable speed control called  Ecool . This technology creates stabilize temperature degree so the air conditioner is not working in  ON-OFF system ( no air temperature fluctuation) like in the conventional air conditioner unit ( The on-off state is not good for energy efficiency) .
+ cooling performances 1000 & .2600 Watt ( L35 L35) 
+ variable speed controlled compressor
+ indoor type
+ energy efficiency
+ more stable temperature
+ steel sheet metal housing design
+ high-grade steel option
+ digital controller
+ refrigerant R134a

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