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Battery CSB

Battery CSB

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Kode Produk: Battery UPS
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The definition of GPL is General Purpose Long Life. The series is a modern hi-tech energy application product.
When it is used in safe surroundings, maintenance free, and acid water is not needed; it can be recycled repeatedly.
With isolated seal, it is not limited to direction, position in place. It can be put in horizontal way, vertical way and side way, its safety and functions will not be affected.
With special formula to manufacture lead calcium alloy as well as automatic progresses, dangerous gas will not be generated.
Long life, low self-discharge rate and high reliability.
It has safety, low resistance so recharge is easy and energy output is more remarkable.
Container and cover are made of flame retardant plastic ( meet UL 94V-0) .
Cycle or standby ( float) use.
High rate discharge construction.
Deep discharge recoverability.
CSB Batteries are strictly tested by CCDS system.
ISO9001, 14001 certified.
UL recognized components under UL 924 CSB file number MH14533.
Complies with IATA/ ICAO Special Provision A67 for air transport.
Classified per MG Amendment 27 as a non-hazardous material for water transport.
Recognized by DOT as " Dry Charge" 49 CER 171-189 for surface transport.

Battery CSB is listed below here : 

Battery MU Series, 220 AH-6000 AH, 
15-20 years life, single cell.
Battery MSJ Series, 150 AH – 3000
AH, 12-20 years life, both vertical & 
Battery UP Series, 51 AH – 167 AH, 
10-14 years life, High Rate Discharge.

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