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Battery Sonnenschein

Battery Sonnenschein

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Available all Varians of the Battery Sonnenschein

Sonnenschein A400 batteries are
extremely powerful and reliable. This
superior product range perfectly fulfils
the requirements for many different
applications including telecommunications, 
industrial and alarm applications.
The success of this product
comes from the internationally experienced
dryfit technology.
Compared with conventional liquid
electrolyte batteries, the Sonnenschein
A400 range has the distinct
advantage that the electrolyte is fixed
in gel which makes it completely free
from maintenance. Battery rooms
with their associated equipment are
no longer required for most applications.
The A400 range is worldwide recognized
as an environmentally friendly
battery system. The batteries offer
remarkable cost efficiencies ( 30% 
less overhead cost compared to conventional
batteries) and ease of
handling. 12 years design life, totally
recyclable and a shelf life for up to 2
years at 20° C without a recharge
makes the A400 range unmatched
by any other system.

Sonnenschein Battery have several types such as : 

GEL ( Dryfit Technology) , longlife & highest reliability and suitable for cyclic applications.
SONNENSCHEIN: A 400, A 400 FT, A 500, A 600, A 700, Solar. 5, 5-3.500AH

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