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Battery BAE

Battery BAE

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Kode Produk: Battery UPS
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BAE Batteries USA serves the growing backup power requirements of our North American based customers. Headquartered in Somerset WI [ near Minneapolis/ St. Paul] , BAE Batteries USA provides a full line of stationary VLA and VRLA products in addition to micro-processor based battery chargers.

BAE Batteries USA has an extensive warehouse, testing and shipping facilities in Somerset, and delivery can be expedited to meet customer demand.

BAE Batteries USA is the exclusive USA distributor and marketing arm for BAE- Batterien GmbH. The batteries are manufactured in Berlin, Germany, and have an excellent worldwide reputation. BAE Batterien is an independent producer of Industrial Batteries with: 
100-year tradition in making lead-acid batteries
Modernized manufacturing facilities employing state-of-the-art processes
Total quality orientation
Total orientation to quality
Commitment to environmental
protection and careful resource management

Batery BAE is listed Below here : 

1. OPzS- Block & Cells
OPzS-N6 Block
OPzS Block
OPzS 2V Cells

2. OPzV - Block & Cells
OPzV Block
OPzV 2V Cells

3. OGi - Block & Cells
OGi-N6 Block
OGi Block
OGi 2V Cells

4. OGiV - Block
OGiV Block

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