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Compression Type Air Conditioner Series
Compression Type Air Conditioner Series Compression Type Air Conditioner Series

Compression Type Air Conditioner Series

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Merk: Huarui
Kode Produk: AC Panel
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The two basic topics which related energy is energy generation and energy storage. The development of battery technology is just for solving the problem of energy storage. Battery needs good temperature environment to guarantee itself running with sage and efficiency.

Huarui makes innovative products for the safeguard of energy storage based on in-depth understanding of battery technology.

Compression type air Conditioner is differrent from the traditional commercial and household air conditioning. With extremely high SEER, moisture condensation active control and other cut-edge technologies, it protects power and electronic equipment by providing precise temperature and humidity control. Since the product design and installation are originated from housedhold air conditioners, it can be widely deployed in telecommunication outdoor base stations, power grid outdoor cabinet, outdoor LED screen, where require the temperature level below than 30 degree situation. Huarui provides the DC and AC power input type products according to various power input. Air conditon with DC power input type use BLDC motors and PWM driven technology. The product COP will be >=4.0. At seasonal conditions, the COP value will be higher by 15% than heat exchangers, by 25% than aircon-HEX combine units and by 60% than normal air conditioners.

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