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AC Panel Cosmotec

AC Panel Cosmotec

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Air Conditioners Cosmotec

An entire range of air Conditioners for industrial cooling. specifically designed for installation on electronic enclosures

1. Protherm - Wall mounted air conditioner

Protherm, wall mounted air conditioner, is designed to meet the cooling requirements in the industrial sector.

Specifically designed for mounting on the wall or door of electronic enclosures, Protherm covers a cooling capacity range from 330W to4000W.

Thanks to the new hydrophilic treatment of the condenser and the optimal space out between the fins, the standard units can work without filter at 100% without any efficiency shrinkage for its whole lifetime. Furthermore, this kind of treatment improves the resistance of the condenser against the corrosion and saline.

The condensate water is collected in save areas, away from the enclosure, and conveyed to appropriate cups, where is transformed again into steam and expelled.

2. TOP II - Top mounting air conditioner

TOP II air conditioner covers cooling capacity from 300 to 5200 W.

The new desing, without protruding frontal cover, allows to place the ECB Thermostat (Standard from ETE06) on both sides of the air conditioner, according to positioning of the TOP unit.

Thanks to the new environment air flow management(condensate) is possible to install the units also in close spaces, without affecting the performance and avoiding short circuit of hot air .

Furthermore, due to the high distance between air inlet and outlet, short-circuiting of cold air are completely avoided, with no need to install conveyors.
The return air path ensures that no condensate can form on the roof of the cabinet.

3. Slim In Air Conditioner

The new Slim In air conditioners, with cooling capacity from 500 to 3000 W, have an innovative design, which allows a full compatibility with previous Slim In model.

Slim-In units, by mounting special “L shaped” brackets, can be set up for external mounting (Slim version).

The micro-channel aluminium condensing coil allows high efficiency on very reduced thickness and limited load loss

4. Module - Air Conditioner in Enclosure Module

The Module units are the best technical and cost effective solution for cooling long arrays of enclosures, where large cooling capacities are required.

The Cooling Capacity is from 5800W to10000W.

The units are mounted on the side of the enclosure array to achieve a good aesthetic integration. The enclosure air  inlet can be on the side or on the top of the enclosure when ad external top duct is provided .

5. Opera - Flexible Wallmounted Air Conditioner

The Opera line air conditioners are versatile units, which are designed for an easy external or semi-flush installation in the door or in the side of the enclosure.

The cooling capacity range is from 420W to 2000W with 2 different cut-outs.

Thanks to the self cleaning condenser coil, there is no longer need of an air filter, avoiding the ordinary maintenance.

The standard control is electronic (except for EVE03). The electrical connection pass through a connector plug.

6. Smart - Wallmounted Air Conditioner

The  Smart wall mounted air conditioners, thanks to the horizontal installation and to the compact size, is particularly suitable for the installation on control boards, small boxes or directly on the machines.  

The cooling capacity is 420W, and is managed by n internal electromechanical thermostat.The units are supplied through a 3m chord at 230V – 50-60 Hz


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