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Merk: Kodak
Kode Produk: Picture Scan
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Picture Saver Scanning System PS50 / PS80
Typical User : Front of Counter, Libraries, self serve in public areas
Speed/Duty Cycle 300 DPI Color scanning 4”x6” print landscape : PS55 – 50ppm
Product Description : The PS55 System enables library patrons, retail customers and many other clients to easily scan and enhance batches of photos and other printed memories

Offer a new service that quickly and easily turns photos into digital files
Differentiate your location with a valuable new service that turns photo prints and other memorabilia into JPEG files for use on computers, tablets, cell phones and more. Customers and patrons who tried flatbed scanning and found it too time consuming will love the KODAK Picture Saver Scanning System PS55, because it transforms up to 50 photos per minute into digital images—plus it’s specifically designed for consumers to operate themselves. It’s an ideal way to expand your offerings and generate new revenue.

You control the user options and features, security, media types, and other key system aspects, while your customers simply bring in boxes full of photos and starts scanning immediately and productively. There’s strong security as well, so users never have access to previous orders and can’t see images that others have scanned.

The supplied KODAK Picture Saver Scanning software is easy and intuitive to use, and includes built-in image enhancement features to adjust brightness, contrast and color balance to restore older originals. There’s even red-eye removal, auto deskew, auto cropping, and manual or automatic image rotation.

The KODAK Photo Selector Accessory option permits users to extract individual images from a composite image (such as a multi-picture photo album page) and have each image saved as a separate digital file after scanning. Now fragile album pages are protected, and there’s no need to risk damage to photos by taking apart a complete album, removing pictures that may have been in place for years, or even lifting the page protector. The KODAK Photo Selector Accessory option requires purchase of a KODAK Legal Size Flatbed Accessory or KODAK A3 Size Flatbed Accessory, available at a very affordable additional cost.

Once your patrons have scanned their photos into digital images, they can upload files to Internet sites offering photocentric products including photo books, slide shows, calendars, T-shirts, mugs and more – as well as sharing them via e-mail, social media, cell phones and photo sharing sites.

Let people preserve and share their heritages and lives
It’s a smart system that quickly lets individuals scan and digitize

  • Black and white and color photos
  • Letters, certificates and historical documents
  • Kids’ drawings, artwork, awards and report cards
  • Postcards and other memorabilia

Hold workshops and events
Educate, entertain and create more opportunities by presenting a variety of possibilities

  • Preserving history for future generations, digitally
  • Community history and local heritage projects
  • Genealogy
  • Scrapbooking
  • Disaster preparation and so many others

Appeal to a wide array of local audiences

  • Cultural organizations and institutions
  • Preservation and historical groups
  • People interested in genealogy
  • Government organizations and civic groups
  • Individuals who wish to preserve and share family memories

Get started right out of the box
The KODAK Picture Saver Scanning System PS55 includes what you need to offer “self-service” photo scanning at your retail outlet, library or other consumer-friendly location—

  • Intuitive interface to allow users to easily scan their own originals
  • Scanning of photos/documents from 2 x 2.5 inches up to 8.5 x 34 inches
  • Saving of digital images to CD, DVD, KODAK Picture CD and flash drive
  • Optional flatbed scanners to handle bound, fragile or oversize materials
  • Automatic image improvement to enhance color, remove red eye, and automatically rotate and straighten images

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