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Weatherproof Industrial Telephone


Tersedia RESISTEL (FUNKE HUSTER FERNSIG) Explosion-proof, Weatherproof Industrial Telephone



Explosion-Proof, Weatherproof Industrial Telephone

- Handsfree

- Temperature Range -25˚ to 60˚C

- Certified for Dust & Gas Atmospheres

- Zone 1, 2, 21, 22

- Also in Protection Class 1

Communication device for use in hazardous areas in the industry have to be especially well adapted to the extreme operating condition they will exposed to

Our New Ex Phone has developed for operation in the petrochemical industry, on off-shore plant, in mills, and harbours, which mean it is resistant too large temperature differences, air humidity, sea water, dust and strong mechanical wear and tear. It is certified for use in hazardous dust and gas atmospheres

Resistel is completeley programmable, and has been equipped with 21-piece stainless (V4A) steel keypad design for use with gloves. Letter and figures are presented clearly on the alphanumerical display. Resistel also boast all the convenient features that have become stand in the field of office communications


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