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Mining Sigma Communication System

Mining Sigma Communication System

Sigma Communication System CC is wholly South African owned and managed company founded in 2003

by Dr Gary Hoile and Ron Piper,  both engineers with extensive experience in the design and manufacture

of military systems. Ron Piper first founded PR Electronics and has been in manufacture of communication

equipment since 1995 . In 2010 Ron bought out Gary Hoile and PR Electronics into Sigma


Product Categories

·         Mining (6)

o    Leaky feeder communications (6)

§  Amplifiers (1)

§  UHF Amplifiers (0)

§  VHF Amplifiers (1)

§  Power Couplers (2)

§  Power Supplies (0)

§  Splitters (2)

§  Termination (1)

·         Tunnels (2)

o    Amplifiers (0)

o    Head End Equipment (0)

o    Power Couplers (2)

o    Power Supplies (0)






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