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General Purpose Motors   

ABB’s General purpose motors are readily available from central stock locations and distributors throughout the world. While designed for standard and straightforward uses, the motors can be modified to meet most specifications. Built to the highest manufacturing standards, the General purpose motors use the best materials sourced from around the world. This brings a quality and reliability that can see motors operating for over 30 years. Competitively priced, the motors meet EFF2 energy efficient classification, with EFF1 as option.

Low voltage motors and generators 
General purpose motors for standard applications
Aluminum motors
Steel motors
Cast iron motors
Open drip proof motors
Global motors
Brake motors
Single phase motors
Process performance motors for more demanding applications
Aluminum motors
Cast iron motors
Motors for high ambient temperatures
Motors for hazardous areas
Flameproof motors
Increased safety motors
Non-sparking motors
Dust ignition proof motors
Marine motors
Aluminum motors
Steel motors
Cast iron motors
Open drip proof motors
Other applications
Permanent magnet motors
High speed motors
Wind turbine generators
Smoke venting motors
Water cooled motors
Motors for roller table drives
High voltage and synchronous motors and generators
High voltage cast iron motors
Induction modular motors
Slip ring motors
Motors for hazardous areas
Synchronous motors and generators
DC motors and generators



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